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Drap-Art’16. International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia will be held from 16th to 31st December 2016, at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, CCCB. The activities and the fair will take place on the first weekend of the 16th, 17th and 18th December, just before Xmas.

Drap-Art’16 arrives at its 14th edition and celebrates 20 years organizing festivals. The event will be developed as usual in eight modalities that show us the possibilities of creative recycling: group exhibitions of art and designer objects made from recyclable materials, interventions in public space, a space for thought and discussion, participative workshops, performances, audiovisuals and environmental cinema, but it will substitute its traditional Xmas Fair with a weekend of live creation, in memory of its first festival the Maraton of Art & Recycling in Barcelona

Drap-Art’16 looks for a balance between the participation of national and international artists; between emerging and consolidated artists, in order to promote the interchange between countries and generations. For this reason, as well as the artists, musicians, workshop conductors, designers, conference holders and audiovisual creators selected by the open call for artists, the festival will include the participation of invited artists, selected in collaboration with specialised organisations, galleries and independent curators.

As a special incentive, Drap-Art’16 will include for the 8th year running the Residu’Art Award, awarded by the HERA group, in the categories “Emerging Artist” and “Professional Artist”.

Drap-Art’16 is expected to receive about 10.000 visitors and to invite more than 150 artists, musicians, workshop conductors, designers, conference holders and audiovisual creators.