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Drap-Art is an association of artists who have chosen trash to be their material and/or conceptual resource. Drap-Art promotes a new trend in visual art that has its origins in the movements of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, such as Arts and Crafts or William Morris. In Catalonia these ideas were promoted by artists such as Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas. One of their utopias imagined a world without large concentrations of power, but distributed in small economic units, in which human beings, with their creativity fully developed, worked independently in their workshops, both in free creations and commissioned works, designer objects or hand crafted products.

The artists connected to Drap-Art have updated this image in the era of Madmax, post-punk and urban art. In a world dominated by big monopolies and multinationals, where soon we will be charged even the oxygen we breathe, we have become termites depleting resources and filling the planet -incited to to consume endlessly in a race towards self-destruction- with waste. In such a world, it is positive to recover the utopia of the modernists of a society with small economic units made up of artists and craftspeople to counter monopolies, but on a planet full of debris, they must also take advantage of all these obsolete resources.

As artists are people who react to their environment, and since Industrialization the object has replaced Nature as a theme in art, with the proliferation of waste, the objects used and treated by currents of artists in the twentieth century, such as the Dadaists, Duchamp, Fluxus, Arte Povera and the Nouveaux Réalistes, Arman and his Accumulations and Poubelles, are naturally trash and objets trouvés.