The first Drap-Art in Buenos Aires was held from July 14 to 20, 2017, at the Recoleta Cultural Center, in collaboration with Ecomanía.

The Event included more than 25 artists, both Drap-Art guests, whose works traveled from Barcelona, as well as local, national, Hispanic-American and international artists, selected by the open call. The exhibition showed works of art made with discarded materials and that invited us to consume more responsibly, internalizing the 3R “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

The exhibition brought together artists from Catalonia: Jana Álvarez, Karol Bergeret, Jordi López-Alert and Yael Olave; Argentina: Haydee Acero, María Alcobre, Carla Beretta, Diego Bianchi, CG Artistic Recycling, Darío Chapur, Rafael Chehín, Sol Courreges, Feboasoma, Ana Rita Gendrot, Graciela Henríquez, Tempé Hernández, David Klauser, Sebastián Lartigue, Mauricio Moiola, Paula Pons , Magui Roccatagliata, Edgardo Rodriguez, Alfredo Segatori, Christian Sesin, Dina Stata; de Urugay: Rubén Santurián and from Germany: Stephanie Senge.

The event renewed ties between Argentine artists who have resided in Barcelona and other places in Spain and then collaborated with Drap-Art, such as María Alcobre, Rafael Chehín, Ana Rita Gendrot, CG Artistic Recycling, and reinforced the exchange with others, such as Tempé Hernández and Sun Courreges, who come and go.

The exhibition was accompanied by activities, screenings and workshops for all audiences.
It was aimed at visitors of all ages and classes, embracing from art critics and collectors, culture professionals, education and the environment to families with children, schools, teachers, and the general public.

Tanja Grass, founder of Drap-Art, was responsible for curating the show incollaboration of Analía Flores from Ecomanía.

We are currently looking for new alliances to give continuity to the project in Argentina and other parts of Latin America.