If you make, you learn, if you buy you depend.  Jorge Díez del Corral


Art and Recycling Workshops

The Drap-Art creative recycling workshops show you how to use discarded materials to transform them artistically into new objects and thus give them a second life.
In a consumer society, it is necessary to give citizens tools to develop their imaginative, creative and practical potential to be self-sufficient.

All workshops are adaptable to the needs of every demand, with no age limit.
We also have workshop conductors that can design your workshop to measure.

To cause a change in attitude towards waste, to come to consider it as a raw material, through artistic participatory actions that promote creativity, awareness and individual and collective action with respect to recycling and the promotion of sustainability,

These workshops are open to the participation of the entire community, with no age limit.

Activity with a practical and participative methodology on the part of the assistants, allowing each participant to let their own creativity flow. The recovered containers and objects are reviewed and translated into expressive and artistic objects after a significant work of abstraction and creativity.