22nd edition of the International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia
08 and 09 December 2018, from 11am to 8pm
60 works of art, 50 artists, live art, installations, workshops, conferences, performances, gastronomy and live music during a weekend to raise awareness about the environmental and social problems in the Mediterranean area and the Catalan coast.

During a weekend Drap-Art 18 will turn the Maritime Museum of Barcelona into a center of Mediterranean culture: works of art to reclaim more sustainable seas and oceans, Mediterranean gastronomy to claim local and Km0 products, artists creating live installations to show that garbage can have a second life and, at the same time, denounce social inequality, live music to bring Mediterranean sounds to the city, workshops with activities for all audiences.
The objective is to look at the social, ecological and environmental problems of the seas and the Mediterranean in order to achieve collective responses towards a more sustainable development.
In addition, different projects and organizations will participate to inspire everyone to join the action for a more sustainable world!


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Photos ©María Paz Montecinos
Catalogue Drap-Art´18


Boris Hoppek, Germany
He raises awareness in the public on the issue of immigration from a particular perspective in which black humor and ambiguity predominate.

Art is Trash, Zafra
He uses garbage, something that society despises and ignores, but for him it has become a place to make his creations and persiflage society and its system.

Marcel.lí Antúnez, Moià www.marceliantunez.com
A Fable inspired by economic excesses, an anachronism that unites the past with the present, the inequality, injustice and abuse of the ruling class.


Marcel.lí Antúnez, Moià www.marceliantunez.com
A Fable inspired by economic excesses, an anachronism that unites the past with the present, the inequality, injustice and abuse of the ruling class.

Marie-Hélène Burgeat
The memory of the materials impregnated with the trace of time, are her source of inspiration. The time that flows, distorts, gnaws and transforms.

Cecilia Espejo, Madrid
A series of 4 collages created from recycled plastics that would normally end up in the garbage and on our coasts.

Jordi Palli, Barcelona A sculpture project embracing the creation of static and dynamic objects from findings and old iron junk.

Álvaro Soler-Arpa, Girona www.solerarpa.com
Two pieces belonging to his fictional animalary. A Critique of the polluting power of mankind and at the same time a song of praise to nature.

Eva Vázquez, Barcelona www.kokonekoeve.com
She defines her work as a map on which she is constructing a personal interpretation of her inner and outer world.

Lesley Yendell, UK lesleyyendell.wordpress.com An installation of clay spoons that are balanced on broken plates; it is as precarious as the current environmental situation.

Albert Merino www.albertmerino.com
In ‘Bestiari’ we see a great city where human presence is only an architectural and symbolic reminiscence.

Jana Álvarez, Cantabria A constant in her work is the reflection on the ephemeral and the absurd of our society and the human being, as a devastating, indifferent and ethically dual element.

Germán Consetti, Argent. www.germanconsetti.com He materializes universal symbols belonging to religions, myths and legends. Archetypes that make up our collective imagination.

Héctor Escudero, Bcn www.hachecreativa.com
It is striking that 1 of every 6 marine species that we consume are affected by the plastics that they have ingested in the sea.

Jesús-Teodoro Martín The sea, a natural barrier, has become a common grave of human beings fleeing misery and war. The West invisibilizes these people and does not give enough help.

NEA, Florence-Cologne Consciousness and perception of nature in relation to internal perception. NEA plays with light and transparency, veiling and unveiling.

Nuria Torres, Barcelona www.nuriatorres.es
She works with symbolism, so that it is the spectator who interprets her work that ends up generating a dialogue between the piece and the observer.

Mireia Zaldívar, & Ulises Pistolo, Valencia
Collective of 2 artists who make their creations from recycled materials, to give them a new life.

Hombre López www.hombrelopez.com
An urban artist, graphic designer and cultural agitator, who organizes various cultural events.

Olga Remón, Zaragoza
Five necklaces, made with wood from different shores of the Mediterranean, united with European wool and African cotton, woven here and there.

Dianna Cohen, EEUU www.diannacohen.com
She creates two and three-dimensional works using recycled plastic bags, sewn together. From small pieces to pieces the size of a room.

Paola Idrontino, Italia www.papayapie.com
Textile and mixed sculpture, which reveals the discoloration of corals caused by climate change.

Teresa Matilla, Salamanca A reflection on the consequences of current unbridled consumption and vital illiteracy, responsible for our destructive footprint in nature.

Yael Olave, Chile
Sea anemones are great predators, just as plastic bags that end up as errant predators in the oceans.

Quim Rifà, Barcelona www.quimrifa.net
Creations made with impossible unions and ‘assemblages’ make us enter their imaginary world. Objects with a new soul.

Martin Del Litto, Arg + Art Lover Ground He explores the qualities of polyethylene of very fine grammage, its dents, tensions and folds, its transparency, its changes of state.

Abdelhafyd kchikech
Thanks to Eicascantic that welcomes hundreds of young people who arrive alone from Africa, we met Abdel, our youngest sculptor, who will create a piece of art live.

Angelo Borgese, Italia www.angeloborgese.it
In his works he endeavors to restore life to materials that have lost all their meaning; with some interventions he gives them a new value.

Judith Cunillera, Bcn jucunillera.wordpress.com
14 characters inspired by religious architecture, created from various objects in disuse, respecting their original form.

Miriam Lanzaco, Bcn A reaction to the absurdity of seeing the drama lived by millions of people who have to leave their countries because of wars or hunger through the TV and the social media.

Bill Miller, Cleveland www.billmillerart.com Pictorial ‘assemblages’ that only make use of the surface of found of linoleum, without additional painting, to render their subjects.

Pincho & Leny Pony
The island as the scenario of shipwreck and also as a result of the saturation in the social body of everything that we do not want to see, the residual-material.

Enric Servera, Menorca www.enricservera.com
A project in which he has been investigating for some time that serves as a motive to continue deepening in his creative process of, between painting and engraving.

Natalia Politowa, Rusia + Art Lover Ground
She uses 3 or 4 colors mixed with chalk and charcoal, deconstructing the format in order to create a movement between the ribbons and the edges of the paper.

Projectes convidats

Plastic Pollution Coalition, EEUU
D. 09 / 12h a 13h
Una de les organitzacions més importants que treballen en contra de la contaminació causada principalment per plàstics d’un sol ús.

Yotuba Barcelona
Voluntaris preserven el fons marí de la costa catalana a través de neteges esportives.

Art Lover Ground
D. 09 / 17:45 a 19:45
Art Lover Ground és un projecte artístic-cultural que neix de la idea de reunir els amants de l’art en una mateixa plataforma.

Proactiva Open Arms
S. 08 / 13h a 14h
Organització no governamental de Badalona la principal missió de la qual és rescatar del mar als refugiats i migrants que arriben a Europa.

Ocean Sole
S. 08 / 12h a 13h
LLes xancletes deixades pel mar a les platges de Kenya, les transformen en acolorits animals, netejant l’entorn i donant treball a 800 persones.

Skepto International Film Festival
D. 09 / 13h a 14h
Un any més l’illa mediterrània de Sardenya presenta a Skepto International Film Festival i la Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission.

Ateneu de Fabricació La Fàbrica del Sol
Un ecosistema col·laboratiu dedicat a ser un referent en sostenibilitat a la Xarxa d’Ateneus de Fabricació

Ferroluar, Barcelona
S. 08 y D. 09 / 11h a 20h
Peixateria mecànica
Les seves escultures barregen moviment, ferralla i tecnologia, i al mateix temps interactuen amb el visitant.

Centre de la platja
Laboratori de la Platja, amb activitats educatives per a conèixer l’ecosistema marí i litoral. Es treballen diferents continguts com els microplàstics, la fauna i flora del litoral barceloní o la sorra i l’aigua del mar.


Dj Panko
S. 08 / 18:30 a 20h
One of the best-known djs of the mestizo music scene, pioneer in the mix of flamenco. He has founded projects such as Ojos de Brujo, among others.

Lesley Yendell
S. 08 / 15h a 15:15h
Performance of clay spoons that balance on broken plates; as precarious as the current environmental situation.

Eudald Alabau Selva
S.8  / 11:30h a 12h
His work can be defined as conceptual Land Art. His artistic research focuses on 12 words; The four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. He will do the “Wrap” performance.

Blacat, Electronic music,  producer and DJ + Art Lover Ground
DJset that inserts ocean sounds into electronic music, a very exciting experience.

Ulises Pistolo Eliza
S. 08 / 17h a 17:30h
Concert performance “Mare Mar” a sound and action trip to the plastic continent, located in the oceanic turn of the North Pacific.

Jeroni Moc S.8 y D.9 / 14h a 15h
@poetbarcelona Màquina poètica
Poetic machine. Invites the art of chance to take the stage, where your will starts the oracular wheel. Choose a card, roll a dice, open a book and read, or a song will come out or we will recite poetry or…

D.09 / 16h
Performance and music presentation of SEITAI and a flash mob of Katsugen accompanied by musicians. Moving spontaneously as a collective manifesto of peaceful and healthy “protest”.

Wide Mike + Art Lover Ground
Guitarist and singer, his music is a fusion between Gnawa Music and Rock’n Roll. He plays his songs with an electroacoustic guitar.

Milan-Caminart Group
S. 08 / 18:30 – 18:50
Discurso de compromiso por la defensa de la Tierra. Performance ANTROPOCE. Muestra la intervención del humano en el medio ambiente alterando el equilibrio del planeta Tierra.

Victòria Pujadas
S. 08 / 18h a 18:30h
RESPIRAR – acción poética- En sus performances a través de la acción y el ritual, nos invita a reflexionar sobre la condición humana.

Hasu Art + Art Lover Ground
Live painting; el artista creará un paisaje acuático con un pincel gigante y varios pinceles tradicionales de Sumi-e.

Beatriz Minguez + Art Lover Ground
La relación entre el sujeto y la naturaleza que advierte de la fragilidad del conjunto y de cómo estamos íntimamente ligados a ella.


S. 08 / 12h a 14h
Un tauró en la galleda?
Amb residus que abunden en les nostres llars, és possible crear qualsevol cosa, fins i tot un joc, un company d’aventures. Fer junts amb “les teves mans i pensaments”..

S.08 Y D.09 / 16.30 a 18:30
Davant unes crisis humanitàries i ecològiques tan enormes que ens paralitzen com a individus… estem aquí i ens movem per la vida! Una zona tova acollirà a qui vulgui conèixer i practicar Katsugen i Yuki.

Jocs i joguines del sud del món
Augustine Namatsi Okubo
D. 09 / 12h a 14h
Un taller per a estimular la creativitat i les habilitats manuals dels nens en el qual compartiran realitats diferents de les que viuen en la vida quotidiana.

Taller Mar Neta Mar Viva Associació animal latitude
D. 09 / 15h a 17h
A través del joc, coneixerem quins animals marins viuen al Mediterrani, quins residus trobem al seu hàbitat i què podem fer.

Sandra Jurado. Median T Danza
D. 09 / 15h a 17:30h
Construimos conjuntamente una pieza de danza/teatro en relación al concepto de “sostenibilidad”. No importa si has bailado o no. Partiremos de dinámicas muy sencillas que nos permitan a todos y todas a formar parte.

Round tables

Saturday, December 8
12h Table I: Art as a tool for social transformation
Carme Mayugo (Art i Barri), Lola Renau (Art Social / Neret Edicions), Ocean Sole, Eneko Calvo Etxarte (Cristina Enea Fundazioa).

13h Table II: The Mediterranean as a frontier, the European Trench
Martin Habiague (Mescladis), Proactiva Open Arms, Tono Carbajo (Fotomovimiento).

Sunday December 9
12h Table I: The problem of waste and what can be done to reverse the situation (zero waste)
María Vidal (ARC), Rosa Garcia (Rezero), Álvaro Soler-Arpa (Plastic Pollution Coalition).

13h Table II: Sample of inspiring projects
Eco Projects Arteria Bcn, Skepto Film Festival, Action Against Plastics (Project by Kaospilot), Zero Waste.