Drap-Art´19 23º International Festival of Sustainable Art
Novembre 15 to  january 19
Entrance hall, Maritime Museum of Barcelona

For 23 years Drap-Art has been giving visibility to artists, designers and artisans who are committed to the shift towards a more sustainable society, both in terms of nature, social action, and the economy. Many times, throughout the history of Human kind, Art has pointed out new directions: Da Vinci, with his flying machines, anticipated aviation, architects such as Frank Loyd Wright or Heinrich Tessenow built the first sustainable houses, which by their location, orientation and conception did not need heating or air conditioning.

Once again, art might point out the way, make that essential spark explode in the public to make emerge the will to be part of a positive change, of which we are all actors and beneficiaries at the same time.
Now, that climate change is already an accepted reality, that we all know the problem of microplastics, that migrations due to political, economic and natural disasters are increasingly frequent, it is time to seek positive solutions, to realize that it is up to us to cause a change of course, to realize that taking small actions we can achieve great feats, if enough people do so. Let’s take the reins of our destiny and give support to the young people from around the world who are fighting for their future!

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Álvaro Soler-Arpa

Mario Soria

Albert Merino

DS Léon

Tizziana Altamiranda

Antoni Yranzo

Plácido Guimaraes

Juan Carlos Valdivieso

Nathalie Rey

Emeric Jacob

Alba Esteban Peligero

Bill Miller

Julien Deniau

Boris Hoppek

Associació Neret Social
Pilu Sala i Hanafi El-kadaoui

Mar de Fuga, Mar de cura
The project “Sea to Escape, Sea to Cure” culminates in a photo installation and illuminated houses created by young people of 14 to 19 years of age who have started a migration process without an adult reference. The project consisted in approximating them to the Mediterranean Sea again, through a creative space of freedom where they could express and channel emotions, feelings and dreams, where they could interchange and share ideas, cultural values, enhance the acquisition of self-knowledge and knowledge of the other. By means of participative artistic and sportive activities that promote the development of environmental awareness and individual and collective action in the sector of recycling and sustainability of the Mediterranean, the project wants to provoke a change in attitude towards their own problems derived of the migratory process in which they find themselves.

Teleduca www.teleduca.org
Teleduca promotes experiential learning using and recombining all kinds of languages: audiovisual, sound, visual, oral and written. Teleduca began its work in 1996 and was formally established in 2000. It works from a socio-educational perspective, bringing out the interests, abilities and previous knowledge of the people and social groups with which it collaborates.
Here Teleduca presents four audiovisual pieces made by children based on a participatory work methodology that contribute to reflect on the issue of immigration at the maritime borders.

Skepto International Film Festival and Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission collaborate one more year with Drap-Art projecting a selection of short films.
Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission was born with the objective of improving the artistic and environmental heritage of Sardinia, developing the audiovisual production chain with the high specialization of the professional and technical resources of the island, creating optimal conditions to attract international film and audiovisual projects, promoting cultural heritage. and technology of Sardinia and its territory in the world.

Skepto International Film Festival
A festival focused on short films with 10 editions behind its back, held in the city of Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia (Italy), projects for free more than 100 short films in each edition, providing meetings and debate between the public and the guests of the festival.


19h Opening collective exhibition.

19 – 20h Conversation: The challenges of the Mediterranean Sea, migration and women, MENAs, environmental pollution and the role of art in the research for solutions
Mireia Mayolas – Head of the area of education and activities of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.
Cristina Domingo Fernandez – Coordinator of the Ta-Axira youth project. Eica Casc Antic
Mati Albarracín – Sociologist, Researcher on issues of gender, sexuality and oppression.
Vanessa Cayuela, coordinator of Impulsem, participates on behalf of the Equip Raval community work group, with unaccompanied migrated youth
Tono Carbajo – Artist, activist.

20 – 21h Emeric Jacob: Creation of live sculpture.


Live art and Free workshop
Entrance, Maritime Museum of Barcelona

12h to 20h Live art with Art is Trash. Base Elements Gallery


4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Free workshop “Children’s Batucada” Brazilian percussion for children from 5 to 12 years old, by Pablo Maia. The workshop will end with a presentation of the Batucada from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Registration: pam@drapart.org

12h to 20h Live art with Boris Hoppek

4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Free Workshop “Reusable beeswax snack wrap”. Goodbye aluminum and plastic wraps on our food!
While the children do percussion, moms and dads can entertain themselves with this super useful and sustainable workshop! Open to all publics.
Registration: pam@drapart.org

12h to 20h Live art with SOEM. Base Elements Gallery


11 a 22h Mercat of artistic recycling and sustainable consumption, Plaza Real
12 to 14h Creatiu recycling workshop “Angelets de pinces” by Daniel González, Plaza Real
12 to 14h Guided visit and meeting with the artist Álvaro Soler-Arpa, Maritime Museum of Barcelona

El Borsí, Plaça de la Verònica (Carrer d’Avinyó, 23)
6pm to 8pm Conversation-debate by Arcadi Oliveras and Hanafi El-kadoui
Installation “Another World is possible” by Neret Art Social

Colloquium-conversation: “Globalization, borders, health and Human Rights”
The world is a space for all. Borders are geopolitical control areas often assaulted to invade territories and exploit their resources, preventing people from rebuilding their lives in the countries that promote this destruction. The globalization of resources destroys local economies. We live with the free movement of money, but we do not accept that of the victims of plunder and wars. This socio-political and economic context affects individual and community health. In short, the neoliberal structure submits us and prevents us from developing according to our capabilities and human rights. The colloquium will revolve around this reality and the possible ways of re-thinking it, proposing a transformation of our gaze and action.

12 to 14h Guided visit and meeting with the artist Nathalie Rey, Maritime Museum of Barcelona

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, Maritime Museum of Barcelona
12am – 2pm Guided visit with Albert Merino

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8,  El Borsí (Carrer d’Avinyó, 23)
12am – 2pm Workshop of Games and Toys from the south of the world, Augustine Namatsi Okubo:

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, Maritime Museum of Barcelona
12am – 2pm Guided visit with artists from Base Elements Gallery

4am – 6pm Workshop of weaving with Fishing nets, Palmira Rius, El Borsí (Carrer d’Avinyó, 23)

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15,  El Borsí (Carrer d’Avinyó, 23)
12am – 2pm Workshop of cloth snack wrappers with beeswax, Pamela Pincheira

6pm – 8pm Presentation of the book “The Edible City”, Pilar Sampietro, Maritime Museum of Barcelona

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, Maritime Museum of Barcelona
12am – 2pm, Performance “Coses a dir” (Things to Say), Maria Paz Marciano and Marc Vilajuana

6pm – 8pm Monologue of the Serene Mermaid, Maria de Vile

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22,  Maritime Museum of Barcelona
12am – 2pm Microensamble Theater, “Fragile” a puppet play about memory, dreams and old age,
inside a suitcase

SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, Maritime Museum of Barcelona
12am – 2pm Guided visit with artists from N2 Gallery

SUNDAY JANUARY 12, El Borsí (Carrer d’Avinyó, 23)
12am – 2pm Teleduca, Audiovisuals in support of refugees with Andreu Rosés, (Sodepau), Mariano Flores, (Edualter) and Carme Mayugo, (Teleduca)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, Maritime Museum of Barcelona
12am – 2pm Guided visit with Tucho Bergeret, Noni Fi¡ont and DS Leon

7pm – 8pm “Peeled Piano”, Cloenda’s Musical Performance, Eli Gras, El Borsí (Carrer d’Avinyó, 23)

SUNDAY JANUARY 19, Maritime Museum of Barcelona
6pm- 8pm Poetic oracle, Jeroni Moc