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“Why war? Is there a way to free humans from the threat of war? To channel the aggressiveness of human beings and better arm them psychically against their instincts of hatred and destruction? These are the questions that Albert Einstein agitatedly poses in a letter to Sigmund Freud on July 30, 1932, in circumstances in which fascist and Nazi violence is spreading throughout Europe.” What his answer is can be consulted in the UNESCO Courier of March 1993.

Now, with the scene of war at the gates of Europe, this question is once again a hot topic, in a political scenario in which nations and large corporations increasingly resemble birds of prey, the banking system has turned its back on the gold standard to become a pyramid game in which who comes last pays the bill (see the documentary by Carmen Losmann, Oeconomia, 2020, broadcasted by betevé, among other TV channels).

Pau Riba and the Mortimers, Drap-Art’08

General video general of Drap-Art’21 produced by Jéremie Delaveau

In parallel, scholars of human spirituality such as Bert Hellinger, are developing techniques to resolve conflicts, acknowledging each human being the place that corresponds him or her in his/her family or community, since he considers that aggressions arise from the unattended needs of humans.

It is not only about ending violence, but also about stopping manipulation and persuasion, it is about reflecting and defining the needs of each person, to create beneficial environments for the entire community, in which each person can have their place and feel fulfilled. Creativity and manual work are great tools to be able to differentiate the needs and desires imposed by family or social patterns, by networks and advertising, from those inherent to each being. This is also the way to true sustainability.

Great cronopios and artists have passed through Drap-Art, who have followed their intuition, their talent, their empathy and their love on this path that is life. Today we remember Pau Riba, who left us on March 6. We hope to meet again in another dimension!

Header image: Tea For Two and A Clean Sweep by Lesley Yendell
Foto: Consuelo Bautista

Fotos of Pau Riba and the Mortimers by Mario Roldan

Drap Art Barcelona