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We invite you to browse our website, to learn about our festival and its history, our market and the social and community projects that we carry out throughout the year.

In addition, in our online store you can see some of the works of the artists who contribute their bit in the fight against environmental pollution. Support them so that their impact can grow, and buy sustainable art!

Before the pandemic we were caught up in a senseless race towards an unprecedented climate emergency and it is very likely that the Covid-19 virus is one of its consequences. We hope that the hours of forced confinement have served to reflect and realize that it is possible to live with much less, but with more time to think and taking better care of each other.

In times of crisis like the one we are experiencing, it is more important than ever to realize that culture and art are not only entertainment or decorative ornaments, but an intrinsic part of our being, and are tools for reflection, creative analysis of our situation and point the way to new paths.

In 2020 we concentrated our festival in the Gothic Quarter, which, due to the gentrification process, was first left with almost no neighbors and later, due to the travel restrictions, without tourists. With almost all the business shutters down, it needs revitalization more than any other.

We see it as an opportunity for the neigborhood to reinvent itself and become a model for a more creative, more environmentally sustainable and socially more equitable and just society.

HA Schult’s Trash People action in the Plaza Real in 2007, carried out in collaboration with Drap-Art, inspired Manuel Bozzo to make this video that he titled Trash People?

The 2006 feature Artistas sin desperdicio (Artists without Waste) in the El Escarabajo Verde (The Green Beetle) program in Spanish national TV, which was aired nationwide and throughout South America, is as valid as 15 years ago, and reflects the spirit of Drap-Art very well.

In 2020 we also adapted to the new health security measures, holding exhibitions in several emblematic buildings in the neighborhood, creating a circuit with several venues to compensate reduced capacity, and outdoor activities with good ventilation.

In spite of everything, the event grew and was enriched thanks to the participation of Fousion Gallery, the Reial Cercle Artístic, Villa del Arte Galleries, the Crafts Center of Catalonia and Sala Perill (Daniel Sierra), as well as the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

In 2021 we want to maintain this format and work on it even more: to show and artistically intervene emblematic buildings and squares of our neighborhood, to show their value and attract visitors to the Gothic Quarter, interested in its historical and cultural value and the people that live here. This is a positive contribution that we can make to economic reactivation.

Pioneers of environmental art as HA Schult, our mentor and suporter for many years, will participate. We will also present Micherlangelo’s Pistoletto’s Terzo Paradiso project, claiming individual and collective responsibility to achieve a society in which nature, human beings and technology coexist in harmony. In col·laboration of Savina Tarsitano, local ambassodor of the project and co-founder of Espronceda Center for Art & Culture and Fondazione Pistoletto / Cittadellarte.
Further outstanding artists will be present in the curated exhibiton, co-curated by Joan Abelló, Tanja Grass, Robert Kaltenhäuser and Jasmin Waschl.

Finally we want to celebrate our 25th anniversary editing a book with a selection of photographs by Consuelo Bautista, who has documented our events all these years, with the intention is to reflect the spirit of Drap-Art, which can be summed up in giving value to what is discarded, rescuing what has been forgotten or despised, and finding treasures in trash.



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