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17/11/22 Inauguración Drap Art 2022-Villa del arte Galleries. Barcelona
17/11/22 Inauguración Drap Art 2022-Villa del arte Galleries. Barcelona

Drap-Art’23: Explore Art, Sustainability, and Collaboration

Discover the magic of Drap-Art’23 as it returns to the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Join us for a captivating prelude on La Rambla, where German artist Ramona Seyfarth weaves recycled letterbox advertising paper into a breathtaking floral carpet, celebrating the concept of the Tree of Life.

Witness art in action as Ramona works on-site until September 16, collaborating with the Catifaires del Raval to inspire and learn from one another.

Don’t miss our special round table discussion on September 16 at 7 pm, featuring Ramona Seyfarth and Julia Theek, the director of the Circular Art Society in Lübz, Germany, among other esteemed guests.

Explore the intersection of art and sustainability at Drap-Art’23 – where creativity and collaboration thrive.

Meet Rana Tarhangil the New Artist of the Month

Ranart’s work is a poetic reflection of the profound concept, “Know yourself and you will know the universe.” Through her art, she guides us inward to discover our true symbiotic identity—a connection that inspires us to make green and sustainable choices. Her pieces illuminate the vital importance of self-awareness in nurturing a harmonious relationship between nature and humanity.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Ranart’s thought-provoking and eco-conscious art.


Plástico x La Maga

“Plástico” fue lanzada en el mercado digital el 28 de marzo y el videoclip fue producido en colaboración con nuestra organización, IMB School y artistas locales. Creamos un video que tiene como objetivo crear conciencia sobre la sobreproducción de plásticos y su impacto negativo en el planeta.

Drap Art Barcelona


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