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We invite you to browse our new website and we hope you like it.

At Drap-Art we are taking advantage of this strange time of confinement to catch up and reflect on what we can do so that the economy does not sink, but at the same time becomes more sustainable.

We have been warning since 1995 of the disastrous consequences of the waste of resources and the unbridled consumerism that fills everything with waste, until finally the contamination by microplastics and the climate crisis are already recognized facts, but even so the machine could not be stopped.

Now, due to a virus, it has stopped and the environment appreciates it. When it starts up again, will we forget about the environment? The hunger in the world? The drama of clandestine migration? The wars?

Perhaps with the creativity and ingenuity of art we can contribute to not forgetting and help to face this challenge.

In this section, each week we will publish a video of an artist who was filmed or filmed him or herself at home during this confinement, and explains his/her vision of how she/he wants the world to be when we return to the streets and how she/he is contributing or how we can all contribute to achieving it. I am not saying “we return to normality”, because we do not want to return to the self-destructive normality of before, but to a new world that is more sustainable in all aspects, and we must propose it now. Antúnez Roca at Drap-Art Pittsburgh


Albert MERINO uses video as a deconstruction tool for reality through which he reinterprets images and recontextualizes them.

Thus, he carries out a dissection work in which different temporal strata converge at the same time, creating a dreamlike and fictional universe, straddling the real and the imaginary.

We open our Home page with an image from the video Bestiary, this visionary piece could be seen in Drap-Art’18. It shows a big empty city, populated only by animals.

As if Merino 2 years ago had already sensed the moment we are living now, locked up at home, with deserted cities and wild boars strolling along the Diagonal, dolphins in the canals of Venice, and bears in the center of Gijón.

In Drap-Art’19, Merino presented The present condition, a video that, according to the artist’s definition, is a reflection on the political use of the territory and the concept of collapse applied to the social and political spheres, where human beings end up leaving the planet in strange house-ships.

Is this another premonition of what awaits us?
We hope this time it will not come true.

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