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At Drap-Art we are taking advantage of this strange time of confinement to catch up and reflect on what we can do so that the economy does not sink, but at the same time becomes more sustainable.

We have been warning since 1995 of the disastrous consequences of the waste of resources and the unbridled consumerism that fills everything with waste, until finally the contamination by microplastics and the climate crisis are already recognized facts, but even so the machine could not be stopped.

Now, due to a virus, it has stopped and the environment appreciates it. When it starts up again, will we forget about the environment? The hunger in the world? The drama of clandestine migration? The wars?

Perhaps with the creativity and ingenuity of art we can contribute to not forgetting and help to face this challenge.

In this section, each week we will publish artworks created during confinement by artists who answered our call and explain their vision of how they want the world to be when we return to the streets and how they are contributing or how we can all contribute to achieving it. I am not saying “we return to normality”, because we do not want to return to the self-destructive normality of before, but to a new world that is more sustainable in all aspects, and we must propose it now.

HA Schult Business Oportunity COVID-19

Drap-Clip by Pere Pueyo, music by Sevi Suárez, logo and credits by Mauricio Castro, mounted by Diana Machado.
Marathon of Creation & Recycling of Barcelona, 1997.

Wash Hands DM 1,-

HA Schult is the first artist that we want to highlight in the framework of our call for confined artists.

A prominent artist, who participated  twice in the Kassel Documenta, he is also a pioneer of environmental art, who already created actions to draw attention to pollution in the 70s, some with other great artists such as Beuys or Hundertwasser.

In 2007 Drap-Art brought his installation Trash People to Plaza Real and since then he has collaborated and given suport to our platform many times. Here he recycles an action he carried out in 1979 in Munich, entitled Wash hands DM 1,-, and which he has now recycled for our call with the title Business Opportunity COVID-19.

Action art begins with the Dadaists, lives its maximum expression with Fluxus, in the 70s, and in Barcelona experiences a very special moment in the 90s, as we can see in the exhibition Action. A provisional history of the 90s, currently onshow at the Macba.

Drap-Art was born from the spirit of this era, with its marathons, Drap-Art’96 and Drap-Art’97, which were great collective actions of 24 hours non-stop, as we can see in the Drap-Clip created by Pere Pueyo.

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