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Call for Confined Artists

During these difficult times our thoughts are with everyone affected and fighting the virus!
Three months ago we were worried about the climate crisis, we felt powerless because we were told that there was nothing we could do, because of the markets, the created interests, the unemployment… that the machine could not be stopped.

Now it has stopped. Because of a virus. During these difficult months of confinement, we have seen its enormous impact on our society and the way we live our everyday lives, and also the great change in our surroundings taking pressure off nature for only a few months. The decreasing pollution statistics show us that we are in fact the problem, and our efforts still have to be maximised in order to live in harmony with the environment. 

These months at home have also shown us that art is indispensable, all of us feel the need to express ourselves in difficult times, and with so much time in our hands some of us even discover talents we didn’t think we had. Although the cultural sector is, unfortunately, the first one suffering during these hard times we have decided to keep fighting, for culture, art and sustainability, starting a new exciting online project, and we would love to ask for your collaboration.

Now that we are slowly coming out of confinement, we should demand that when the machine starts again, social, economic and environmental sustainability should be taken into account, as it is vital for the survival of our specis, not only for the survival of a relatively moderate percentage of people affected by a virus (without wanting to minimize its importance).

That is what our proposal is about: to make clear what is essential for our society to work again and what is too harmful to our Planet and should be elliminated. What habits we will have to change, what alternatives we would like to propose…  How we would like the world to be and what we are doing or what we can do to achieve it.

We ask you to make a video or a series of photos of your creative process with discarded materials you have at home or a text with your thoughts, which we will then post on all of our social media platforms to start our online campaign.

Send your work before June 15 to:

Also keep in mind the formats we need so we can publish them on social media:  
Maximum 4MB.
Image type: JPG 
Maximum of 5 pictures

Video must be Horizontal
File size limit – 5GB.
Maximum length – 1-5 minutes. (1 minute is preferable)
MP4 (MPEG-4) format recommended

Your artworks will be on sale in our online shop, if you want, to give you all of the visibility you deserve. Moreover you will be given a one year free membership to Drap-Art!

We will get through this together and hopefully go towards a more conscious and sustainable world. Until then remember… NOTHING DISAPPEARS, EVERYTHING TRANSFORMS!