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Confined Artists: Manuel Fernández & Jordi Torrent Escala

Dear Drap-Art Friends,

This week, we want to highlight another two finalists of our Call for Confined Artists and share their work with you.

Rodrigo Manuel Fernández Hermosa is an artist from Hernandarias, Paraguay. He is a craftsman and sculptor, and more than 10 years ago he started dedicating himself to making sculptures inspired in trees, made with recycled materials. He mainly uses wire braiding techniques and plastic sheets of disused containers, tires, mother boards, metal objects and other materials that can be recycled as a base for his sculptures. He promotes recycling art in his city, organizing exhibition events to promote and motivate using the theme of environmental awareness through Art. Moreover, he is the founder and owner of the commercial company Kodama Arte Eco & Cultura. His slogan is the ‘Spirit of environmental care through Art’.

Our second artist is Jordi Torrent Escala, writer and artist. He has participated in the Drap Art marathons from 1996 to 1998 and in the association’s collaboration projects with Festiventu (Calvi, France), Festambiente (Maremma, Italy), Drap-Art Jerusalem and workshops organized for the Fiesta de Santa María in Formentera, among others, apart from his personal monographic exhibitions and installations. From 2008 to 2010 he directed the Posidonia Festival of Art and Sustainability in Formentera.

He usually works from texts that he illustrates with artworks made out of found objects and other materials with a soul.

In the video he made for the Call for confined artists he answers the three proposed questions: whether he believes that we will continue living as we did before the virus, after the confinement, what our contribution to the world after COVID19 could be and what he wants for our future.

We hope you enjoy!

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Thank you.