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Confined Artists: Miquel Oller Canet and the Kmaus collective

Dear Drap-Art Friends,

This week’s artist from our Call for confined artists is Miquel Oller Canet and the Kmaus collective. 

Miquel Oller lives in Barcelona; graduated in audiovisuals and multimedia, he works as an audiovisual technician at the Institut del Teatre and studies Mural Art at the Llotja School. 

Together with Clara Vallmajor-Lluch he formed the group of audiovisual and dance experimentation Kmaus, with the presentation of Danza a Pelé, presented at the Mercat del Audiovisual of Mataró, and collaborators such as Gaby Sarelli (dancer), Sergio Falleti (editor) and Luz Tripiana (dancer). In 2020, Kmaus becomes a resident at EART Experimentem amb l’Art.

During lockdown Inanna: The Queen of Heaven and Earth was created by Oller and Tripiana with music by the Argentinian group Fémina, between Necochea (Argentina) and Barcelona (Spain). Innana travels to the underworld to meet her dark sister. Anticipating her own death, she dares to be dismembered, shaking hands with extinction. Inanna, who went in search of knowledge to the dark side of the Earth, travels to the depths of the unconscious, to reach the eternally hidden. She is reborn in pain by choosing to die in order to continue living, to understand all of creation and to know darkness and light. Triple Queen of Heaven, Earth and what is below, she is shown as a being tied to the symbolism of liberation, and becomes an archetype of the necessary sacrifice, renunciation, depersonalization; the mask and the personality in the anteroom of the experience of death, descent and return. 

“Confinement does not have a moral, it is presented as a reality without references, it scares, you are scared like in a tunnel. With lockdown the feeling of confinement and confusion culminates in not knowing where to go. Entering the airtight space, pleading with a greater force, dropping to find a way out, it leaves us in an oblique passage between two walls without a support between two walls without a support. In this video we give a new meaning to these moments, as creative beings, how we re-signify the same space and recycle it…. Our reflection evolves in a series of portraits characterized by a certain animal gesture, a certain strangeness, a new strength of movement that unfolds in our interior to overcome this crisis. There is an interior reality awakening, that opens up rather than spiritually as a mirror of society, which to contemplate trying to come out of the “Depth” (title of the chosen song)”.

The piece was filmed in the tunnel from the quarter of La Habana to the beach of Mataró.

We hope you enjoy the artists’ work and stay tuned for our last reviews! 

Thank you