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Confined Artists : Ollivier Jacq & Adriana Cerecero

This week, we want to highlight two of the finalists of our call for confined artists and share their work with you.
Ollivier Jacq is a french artist living in Sitges. He loves to take long walks along the beaches and coves of the Costas del Garraf. This is where his inspiration comes from. During those walks along the coast, he collects driftwood, rusty metals, parts of fishing nets and other debris from the sea. During the confinement, he began to transform everything he had collected into unique pieces with nautical inspiration. Whales, lighthouses, boats or fishing villages come to life, in function of the shape of the wooden pieces. This is how the RESEACLA project was born, whose name comes from the combination of RECICLA in Spanish and SEA in English. Two themes to which Ollivier gives great importance: recycling and the protection of the sea. The submitted work can be seen in the 5 pictures above.

The other artist of the week is Adriana Cerecero, a Mexican-Spanish artist, her video Confinement on the Rooftop, expresses her thoughts: “Ninety-five days of daily walking on the roof of my house have given me time to observe the exposed cracks that threaten new leaks in my roof, while I move daily along those lines stained with burned red, my mind is transforming them until I find a new meaning. Playing to follow them, I decipher in all of them a limit that shakes me; To think that we, beings of the earth, are experiencing something similar to the cracks that allow evil to filter, by not yet seeing the end of this pandemic”.