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D’individual a col·lectiu

D’individual a col·lectiu (from individual to collective) is a project that wants to transmit the feeling of community within the current context.
We will clean natural places individually and with the collected waste we will contribute to a collective artistic intervention of space, which we will be able to view live on Instagram.
Four cities, four places, four cleanings, four artists, a community, a purpose.
El Prat de Llobregat, Sitges, Badalona and Barcelona are the participating cities.
OCTOBER 16 – El Prat (10: 30-13h cleaning)
OCTOBER 17 – Badalona (10: 30-13h cleaning)
OCTOBER 18 – Sitges (10: 30-13h cleaning)
DECEMBER 12 – Barcelona (13:30 performance)
For the practical information on each city watch the conversations of this event in our social networks. It is essential to sign up, using the following form:*S6oLdTCkKyDUU9QR8 SITGES*b23PdpGxRJVNtKos9 EL PRAT*mGgjwxfGgAJNtHk18 BADALONA

What does it consist of?
Individually, collect 4-6 waste elements from the beach and take a photo of them, post them on Instagram with #dindividualacollectiu and tagging @drapart, your friends or the small group that has accompanied you and then leave them in Drap-Art’s container, which will be located at the cleaning site.
With the waste you collect, an artist from your city will carry out an artistic action that will be part of a joint performance direct by the performer Nathalie Rey programed at Drap-Art Intrnational Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia, which will be held from November 20 to December 27 2020 in Barcelona.

You will be able to see streamings of the performances of the various artists on the days of the events and on December 12 the joint performance at the Drap-Art Festival.

Together we will achieve to:
Leave the beach clean of waste, helping to maintain biodiversity.
Contribute to the creation of an artistic piece that you will see at Drap-Art 2020.
Feeling part of a community through individual action

Bring gloves for the cleaning! Bags to collect waste will be provided.*

Members of the Drap-Art association will be present at the time of the action to organize the cleaning so that people do not accumulate at the same point and there are no uncleaned areas left.*
We will not have bottled water to distribute because of covid and to be coherent with the activity. We will have water containers to refill. Bring your canteen / glass *

We hope that through this action, citizens, administration, flora and fauna will benefit and that it will serve to improve actions in the open air, thus reducing the damage we cause to our natural environment.