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Drap-Art in Murcia /Exhibition and Workshops

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Hi Friends from Murcia!

This summer we will be in your area with an exhibition and creative recycling workshops!

Drap-Art collective exhibition from July 15 to September 15.

Artists: Jana Alvarez, Orson Buch, Ulises Pistolo Eliza and Mireia Zaldívar, Héctor Escudero, Jesús Teodoro Martín
Bill Miller, Dolo Navas, Ocean Sole Africa, Imanol Ossa, Quim Rifá, Ramiro Sobral

Look out for our creative recycling workshops sheduled for August 9 and 10 from 18 to 21h
Held by the experimented artist and workshop conductor Juan Cabrera aka Planeta Tapón


Thader Shopping Mall
Av. Juan de Borbón, s / n, 30110 Churra, Murcia

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