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Drap-Art Job offer

Communication Department

Drap-Art wants to incorporate into its organization a young person with a communicative and active profile mainly in the fields of on-offline communication, social media and mailing management as well as general communication of the festival, who has a passion for art, environmental conservation, social justice, education and sustainability. You will have to have the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and organize teamwork in a transversal way. The main occupation will be to carry out technical tasks in the communication field of the Drap-Art association.

● Be a beneficiary of the National Youth Guarantee System.
● Be registered as an unemplyed job seeker in the Public Employment Service of Catalonia.
● Accredit the possession of a university or a medium or high professional training degree or officially recognized equivalent degrees, or a certificate of professionalism, professional references that enable him/her to practice professional communication, degree in marketing, communication, cultural management, art history, humanities or similar.
● Comply with the requirements of the modality of the paid internship work contract.
● Mastery of office automation tools.
● Advanced domain of web environment in wordpress, mailchimp, Drive, Dropbox, etc.
● Basic knowledge of digital graphic design tools (Photoshop, Indesign)
● Advanced level in management of digital platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Vimeo, Youtube, Mailchimp, WordPress.
● Knowledge of video and photography editing to make reels and stories in social media.
● Excellent verbal and written communication in Catalan, English and Spanish, mastery of other languages ​​will be valued.
● Residence in the province of Barcelona
● Availability of incorporation from September 30, applications are accepted until September 15.

● Good in writing, excellent communication skills and composing articles and press releases, focused on the cultural field.
● Management and management of social media and advanced level web (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Vimeo, Youtube, Mailchimp, WordPress).
● Database management, digital and face-to-face insights.
● Knowledge in the creative and communication field at a local, national and international level.
● Proactive, creative in internal and external communication.
● Active and decisive listening.
● Teamwork.
● Passion for the world of art and sustainability.
● Agility and accuracy to respond to users who interact with our networks.

● Execute the on-offline publication and communication calendar
● Make reports and mainten the database, measure the impact on social networks, newsletters, web.
● Update and streamline social media and web.
● Write press releases, dossiers, reports, project reports and internal and external communication.
● Management and administration of published content (images, gif, video and writing).
● Communication with the community: establish two-way dialogues, create audiences, enhance the brand.
● Management of the online store and sales platforms.

Drap-Art offers:
● 6-month internship contract
● Full time. 40h per week
● Salary: € 1,393.63 (prorated extra payments)

● Send CV and motivation letter to (subject: Communication job offer)
● Applications are accepted until September 15, 2021.