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Finalists for the call for confined artists

Dear Drap-Art friends,


We hope to find you and your families safe and healthy!


First of all we want to thank all the artists for the great artworks, performances and videos that were sent for the ‘call for confined artists’ in the past weeks. We excuse ourselves for the delay in announcing the results, but it has been very challenging to choose our 14 finalist artists. We want to inform you that all the artists who have submitted a project, whether or not they have been selected, are already registered in our database for future collaborations and Drap-Art events, and will be members of Drap-Art without having to pay the registration fee for one year. We are also pleased to select some additional artwork for the online store, even from artists who have not been selected, if you are interested.


The names that appear below are the artists that we have chosen and that we believe have best reflected on the past months of confinement, social and environmental issues and the world we find ourselves in after COVID-19. Congratulations!


Noni Font 

John French

HA Schult 

Veronica Moragas 

Miquel Oller Canet 

Gisella Lopez 

Alfredo Zarazaga 

Rodrigo Manuel Fernandez 

Margarita Novikova 


Jordi Torrent 

Rafael Arroyo 

Alicia Giraldez 

Adriana Cerecero


The artists who’s names are written above will have the chance to have their pieces for sale in our online shop; they will appear on our website’s homepage and will be visible on all our social media platforms starting next week. 

Check our first artist in the Drap-Art home page!


We will keep you updated on any further information and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions! 


Thank you


Photo: © Futurs Incerts – Veronica Moragas