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Inauguration of the #DrapArtist of the month of October

You’ve been invited to our #DrapArtist of the month

We are pleased to present Edgar Massegú as #DrapArtist for October. This Friday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m. we are waiting for you at the Drap Art Gallery -Carrer d’En Groc 1- for the opening where you will be able to see the artist and his work first-hand.

For his young age, Massegú has a surprising career with his prolific work in various fields such as performance, sculpture, music and poetry, the artist approaches the vision of the total/universal artist between the oneiric and empirical university. He has received international recognition such as the Miradas and Escombrarte awards.

Edgar understands art as a tool for social transformation, visual poetry is part of his work where he highlights social injustices and ecological disorder, thus claiming fundamental rights and environmental conservation through his work.

Visit the Gallery to learn how he has collaborated with the town for this series that he exhibits in Drap Art, where he expresses going from the “microlocal to the universal” inspired by Borges and Dalí, discover how Edgar decides to go beyond recycled art and make it sustainable by attending the inauguration this Friday, October 7.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet the artist and perhaps acquire some of these unrepeatable and vindictive pieces.