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Drap-Art’23 Preview: A Sneak Peek into the Festival

Dear Drap-Art Lovers,

We’re thrilled to share some early news about the highly anticipated Drap-Art’23, set to take place primarily in the enchanting Gothic Quarter of Barcelona! But even before the main event, we have an exciting prelude to share with you – an extraordinary installation by the talented German artist, Ramona Seyfarth, right on the iconic Rambla.

Ramona Seyfarth’s Intriguing Installation on La Rambla

Ramona Seyfarth, the acclaimed German artist, is all set to grace Drap-Art’23 with her incredible talent. Her latest creation is a mesmerizing installation crafted entirely from recycled letterbox advertising paper. Imagine a breathtaking floral carpet adorning La Rambla, with the central theme being the profound concept of the “Tree of Life.”

Witness Art in the Making

You have a unique opportunity to witness this masterpiece coming to life before your eyes! Ramona Seyfarth will be on-site, painstakingly crafting her installation until September 16. It’s an incredible chance to observe the intricate process of transforming recycled materials into a work of art that reflects the beauty and significance of the Tree of Life.

Collaboration and Synergies with Catifaires del Raval

But that’s not all! Ramona Seyfarth won’t be working in isolation during her time in Barcelona. She will join forces with the incredibly talented Catifaires del Raval. Together, these artists aim to discover synergies between their respective works and learn from each other’s creative processes. It’s a collaborative endeavor that promises to yield exciting results.

Save the Date: Round Table Discussion – September 16, 7 pm

To delve deeper into Ramona Seyfarth’s work and the world of circular art, we have an exciting event lined up for you. On September 16 at 7 pm, join us for a captivating round table discussion. This enlightening conversation will feature the artist herself, as well as Julia Theek, the director of the Circular Art Society in Lübz, Germany, among other distinguished guests. Get ready to gain insights into the creative process, sustainability in art, and the broader implications of circular art practices.

Stay Tuned for More

As we eagerly anticipate the start of Drap-Art’23, stay connected with us for all the latest updates, artist showcases, and interactive events. The festival promises to be a celebration of art, sustainability, and creativity like never before.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of the Drap-Art’23 experience. Stay tuned for more information, and mark your calendars for September 16th – you won’t want to miss it!


The Drap-Art’23 Team