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17 x 26 x 28 cm

Modeling with leather

Artist: Jennifer Ros Albalá


Jennifer Ros Albalá

Badalona, 1992

Ros is a young artist who presents an installation at Drap-Art centered on a leather mask created to make people aware of the acts we perform that harm animals, leading to their extinction. Currently, out of necessity, we use masks, many of which are not recycled well, and this directly harms the animal world. There are less-damaging options, even in the difficult circumstances we live in now, but sometimes it’s easier not to think about it. We even abandon the battles against pollution, fur sales, and a host of struggles that currently seem to be muted, forgotten, or neglected. Acts that will generate an even bigger problem when everything is over. This mask is a wake-up call, an alert about what can harm this world, the animals and ourselves.