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Collage of wine boxes, vinyl records and slides with photos by Ingrid Morató
54 x 35 x 18 cm
Artist: Mauricio Castro


Mauricio Castro (Recife, Brasil, 1963)

Artist and art director. Since the eighties he has held solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and other countries. In 1989, together with José Paulo, he founded the Fourth Art Zone Workshop in the city of Recife. He also founded, in 1996, together with Lu Pulici, Fafá Franco, Edu Alves, Lufe Lopes, José Roberto and Imanol Ossa, the Torre de Papel collective workshop in Barcelona, ​​and in 2001, together with Isabela Stampanoni, Juliana Notari, Alligator and Fernando Augusto, the Submarino workshop, again in Brazil. He made the art of the micro-series The Kingdom of Stone by Luiz Fernando Carvalho and as art director he made the clips for Món Livre SA, Unforgettable Carnival in the upper part of the city and Laura Bush has a big problem . As a director he made the short film Claustrofreniformes and the documentary Duple Mortal Parafuso. He set the stage for the play by José Paes Lira and Leandra Leal Filho Mercaderies y futuro. Performs pedagogical activities focused on painting, drawing and recycling. He is currently a member of the Peligro workshop where he makes engravings, painting and sculpture.