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Earth Works


Earth Works
40,64 x 50,8 cm (each)
9 Digital C-Prints
Artist: Bowen Fernie


Bowen Fernie
Boston (USA), 1996

Bowen Fernie is an American photographer who grew up in Florence, Italy and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Bard College with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and works in both large format analog and digital photography. The project Earth Works photographed on a 4×5 View Camera on black and white film, started as an exploration of industrial areas, primarily outside of New York City which awoke a new interest in the way that landscapes and earth are altered by industries and machines. “I used the camera’s unique capabilities to flatten the landscapes, putting everything on the same plane. This allowed for the graphic aspects of the images to decontextualize the locations, creating space for a formal analysis of the effects of our built environment and our human habits on nature & terrain”.