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Giraffe Masterpiece


200 x 135 x 37 cm
Recycled flip flops, recycled porex interior and metal rods
Realization by order
Artist: Ocean Sole


Ocean Sole (Nairobi, Kenya)
The non-profit organization Ocean Sole of Kenya, recycles the flip flops it collects on the beaches and employs artists and artisans who turn them into colorful artistic and functional products and at the same time create a visual awareness of the problem of pollution of our seas, in addition to creating more than 800 jobs in a country that has 40% unemployment.

The large pieces called Master Piece, are only made to order. Apart from the giraffe, which is one of the most requested pieces, you can make elephants, lions, rhinos, camels, dromedaries, etc.
The sculptures are handmade and have a unique color combination, so it is very likely that the design and color of the original piece, differs slightly from those seen in the photograph.