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I would be lying if I said …


Wood of old furniture
60 x 60.5 cm
Artist: Jordi Torrent


Jordi Torrent (Barcelona, 1958)
Jordi Torrent studied Psychology at the UB and Graphic Design and Illustration at IDEP. He lives between Barcelona and Formentera. Founding partner of Drap-Art. In addition to creative writing – he has published the novels El huérfano de los Boisanzón (Áltera ed, Madrid 2013) and El llibre de las coses (Pagès ed, 2018) -, he creates sculptures with materials found on the beaches of Formentera and the streets of Barcelona. He is interested in the interrelationships of living things between themselves and their environment. From 2010 to 2013 he co-directed the Posidònia Festival, dedicated to art and ecology, on the island of Formentera.