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IBM Interpretation


IBM “Selectric” Typewriter Interpretation of the 1970s Nr. 41025
60 x 30 x 20 cm
IBM typewriter parts
Artist: Josep M. Pastó


Josep M. Pastó (Les Borges Blanques, 1964)
Josep Maria Pastó began studying drawing and working with clay at an early age, both in private schools and at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Tárrega. Although he is professionally engaged in telecommunications, he has never stopped working with wood and clay, driven by his need for artistic expression. This same impulse also makes him participate in the dismantling of all kinds of objects to understand how they work. This is how his Interpretations developed; sculptures created from elements of a disassembled machine, reassembled following purely aesthetic criteria, keeping the pieces intact, without altering them and using the original screws and springs to reassemble them, without using glues or other external elements . The result is an object of totally different appearance, a new interpretation of reality.