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Mar d’ànimes


Mar d’ànimes
65 x 40 x 65 cm
Refractory clay, iron. Enamel and iron oxide
Artist: Vicky Gómez Talaya


Vicky Gómez Talaya
Barcelona, 1971

In 2000 she began her training in ceramics at the Ixió School in Mataró, which later became the School of Museu del Càntir in Argentona, where she currently works as a resident artist and is a member of the research group for recycling and waste. Starting in 2005, she began to participate in craft fairs and in 2018 sheincorporated a new line of work, based on the reuse of discarded materials, creating unique and functional small works of art from the recycling of furniture and old objects, as well as clothing. She has participated in sustainable fairs and projects, among others at the Feria de la Tierra (2018), Mercat Drap-Art de Plaza Real (2019), traveling exhibition of the research and recycling group of ceramic waste at the Association of Ceramists of Barcelona, Museu del Càntar of Argentona (2009) and Artesanía Catalunya, in addition to several group exhibitions such as Nobody is illegal (Nau Art, 2018).