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My Mother The War


Vintage linoleum assembly
36 x 28 cm
Artist: Bill Miller

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Bill Miller (Cleveland, Ohio, 1962)
Miller creates recycled linoleum assemblies that use only the surface found to recreate his subjects, with no added paint. His images range from bucolic landscapes to surreal, fiercely political pieces, which are often based on iconic images of the news and pop culture that have fueled the collective memory of our society. His unexpected use of family patterns is nurtured by the nostalgic qualities of his medium, which conveys a sense of personal history and rediscovery, in each piece. Miller’s commissioned work includes two covers of posthumous albums by Frank Zappa and the 2012 poster for the Woodstock Film Festival. His work has been exhibited in London, Spain, Australia and the United States, including a solo exhibition in the cafeteria of the American Visionary Art Museum. He has reviews in many magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune, as well as being featured in several books on recycled art, including Found Object Art 2 and ReTrash.