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€ 2,500.00

Watercolor on newspaper
35 x 26 cm (with frame)
Artist: Hans Grass

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Hans Grass (Basilea 1933 – Constanza 1998)
Hans Grass was born in Basel, and from 1950 to 1957 he visited the School of Art and Design in that city, where he specialized in sculpture and painting. He also wrote poetry and studied yoga. After finishing his studies he traveled to Lake Como, La Camargue and finally, in 1965, he settled in Formentera. Here he made most of his work, fascinated both by the colors of the landscapes and the sky – which he painted in numerous watercolors – and by the people who live there. He died in Constança, giving the last brushstrokes to the Carnival murals that he had been making for 37 years on the neighboring Mainau Island.