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Plastic Power Dress


Caps, super bags and six pack plastic rings, tin rings
70 x 40 x 29 cm
Artist: Jana Alvarez


Jana Alvarez (Torrelavega, 1966)
Jana Álvarez is a multidisciplinary artist trained in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, with a wide range of exhibitions, both national and international, individual and collective. She also has a long professional experience as a designer, illustrator, props and costume designer for various fashion brands, cinema, T.V. and advertising (Purificación García, Antonio Miro, Custo Barcelona, ​​TV3, Zeppelin, Boca Films, Lee Films). She has been involved in Drap-Art activities since its inception, as an artist, workshop leader, illustrator and lecturer. In his work, she reflects on the human being as a devastating and ethically dual element. We say that we “love nature” and build on it, but we pollute and destroy it, on the condition that we do not lose our comforts… who are we ?, where are we going ?, do we miss something ?, we stop at least to think about that, as we advance in an endless race, sweeping away everything?