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17x8x9 cm

spray and marker in the plastic bottle

Artist: Yoshihito Suzuki


Yoshihito Suzuki

Tokyo, 1987

In 2007 Yoshihito visited Barcelona for the first time and since 2017 he lives here. In 2018 he starts the Organic Idea project. He participates in Art Nit Mallorca, in 2019, and Inund’art, in Girona, in 2020.
His work’s theme is Artificiality and Nature and they are inspired by the natural world and environmental problems In his latest works he uses the color blue which represents sadness and birth ath the same time, projecting our hope and despair with respect to the climate crisis. Suzuki believes that environmental problems like plastic pollution are caused by ignoring this all-and-one connection or the circulation of the natural world.