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Santa Ama de Casa Costurera


Light sculpture + triptych altar
Collage of objects on reclaimed ironing board + fluorescent 40 x 120 x 30 cm (width x height x depth)
Hanging from the wall (7 Kg)

Artist: Karol Bergeret



Karol Bergeret

Barcelona, 1975

Karol Bergeret is an industrial designer and artist. In 2002, Karol found an abandoned ironing board next to a rubbish skip. Its shape reminded her of the pedestals for saints in churches, but its homely origin revealed the women who would use this device in their daily chores. Thus the series of Saintly Housewives (an endangered species) was born, as an artistic tribute to so many great women relegated to the anonymity of their homes. With ironing boards collected on the street, Bergeret extols the virtues of these women devoted to their homes and families, to be as worthy of appreciation and respect as Saints are.