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Self_Indulgence 2


28 x 8 cm
Markers on butchers’ knife from the 18th Century.
Artist: Gisella López Ariza


Gisella López Ariza aka Gise’Be, Suan, Atlántico (Colombia), 1989

Gise’Be is an artist from the Colombian Caribbean. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad del Atlántico. She made a Meritorious Thesis in 2016, with an intervention in public space. She made the illustrations
for the catalog of the adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale for the Shakespeare in the Caribbean project She has experience in lettering, design, illustration, screen printing, linocut and street art and makes
workshops on popular graphics from the Caribbean. From 2014 to 2019, she organizes the Art Show Brujería in Barranquilla. She moves to Planes (Valencia) just when the confinement begins, in March 2020.