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Photograph printed on recycled wood and operated with buttons
105 x 70 cm
Artist: Jorge Espírito Santo


Jorge Espírito Santo (Rio de Janeiro, 1963)

Jorge Espírito Santo has a Master of the Arts from Goldsmiths College in London and a Bachelor from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, PUC. He is a TV director and photographer, and lives in Rio de Janeiro. From the urgency of the problem of deforestation of the Atlantic Forest in the world, mainly in Brazil and especially in the Amazon, with the commercial use of wood, in this work, Balance, what Espírito Santo proposes is to make you think in the strength and balance we have to make when we think about the conscious use of wood. That is why the whole work is related to wood: from the printing of the photo on recycled wood sheets (Ipê, a kind of almost extinct wood) and the use of hundreds of wooden buttons to dress the model .