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206 x 110 x 110 cm
Installation composed of 3 sculptures of boulders from the Costa Brava and iron from landfills in the province of Girona, assembled, crimped and welded.

Artist: Marcos Romero Gallardo


Marcos Romero Gallardo (Barcelona, 1971)

Romero Gallardo is a seeker of hidden treasures in forests, beaches and rivers; An artist who reveals the beauty of stone, metal and wood; A man who loves the land and wants to get in touch with his roots. He was introduced to art through painting, at first inspired by angels and archangels, then by nature, painting deserts, ants and bees, with which he closed a pictorial cycle.

In 2006 he was reborn as a sculptor, being the Earth again his inspiration and rooted in it, he contacted his spirit to discover the INVISIBLE in the VISIBLE.