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White, salimos de pesca


50 x 43 x 10 cm

Assemblage made with driftwood and oxidized metals recovered on the beaches of Sitges.

Artist: Olliver JACQ



Francia, 1975

Ollivier is Breton, he came to Spain 25 years ago and is based in Sitges. He loves taking long walks on the beaches and coves of the Costa del Garraf, where he collects driftwood, rusted metals, parts of fishermen’s nets and other debris from the sea. During the confinement I began to transform driftwood into unique pieces with nautical inspiration. Whales, lighthouses, boats or fishing villages are born based on the shape of the pieces of wood. Thus, was born the RESEACLA project, whose name comes from the combination of RECICLA in Spanish, and SEA in English.