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The Drap-Art Market in Plaza Real is back!

After a very strange year with many unforeseen things happening, we resume our activity in Plaza Real. We will start next Easter Saturday, April 3, with 6 exhibitors: AC Recycled Collections, Bicho Robot, Experiencia Menta, Forquillart, La Bartolina Cerámica, Pikulinas Productions, and Zebraba.

Due to the precautions taken on behalf of the COVID-19, the market will have fewer stalls and the exhibitors will rotate. And instead of the habitual workshops we will program small animations at vermouth time.

Come to see our new creations, to appreciate the positive attitude of our artists in the current circumstances, to have an appetizer or lunch and to visit the captivating Plaza Real!

And if you need to buy a gift or want to make yourself a present, don’t hesitate to buy it here, you will be supporting people who are committed to a more humane and more sustainable world, despite implying having a fragile economy, now more than ever. Let’s not forget that we have the power to choose who we support with our purchases…

For more information check the Market page.

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