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Last day to apply to the open call!

Greetings Drap Artists!

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the Open Call for Drap Art. Today is the final day for submission of your creative works, so be sure to send in your entries for consideration before the opportunity closes.

As you all know, Drap Art is more than just an organization. We are a movement of artists who are passionate about environmental sustainability and the power of creative expression. Our mission is to promote and support viable art and design solutions that respect the planet’s finite resources, stimulate conscious consumerism and enhance responsible habits.

Drap Art encourages a wide range of artists to experiment with different forms of expression and utilize various waste materials to create exceptional art that brings attention to environmental issues. When you are a part of Drap Art, you become a part of our mission and help to promote our message to audiences around the world.

Visit Drap-Art Market!

Don’t forget that we are at Plaza Real every Saturday from 10am to 11pm with a selection of jewellery, clothing, design, and lots of art!