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We are back!

Dear Trash Lovers

We welcome the month of March with the exhibition Tucho’s Ships by the Artist of the Month, the first of the 2023 Season. We will celebrate this at the opening, on Thursday, March 9 at 18:30pm, at the Drap-Art Gallery.

We will sail towards Spring, accompanied by the artist and his boats. We will get together to discover more about him and enjoy his artworks and possibly one ship or another will drop its anchor in our home…

We look forward to seeing you!


Alberto Bergeret, TUCHO

Montevideo (Uruguay), 1946


He began his higher studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Montevideo and obtained the title of architect at the Technical High School for Architecture of Barcelona.

He has formed part of the space for creation Taller de Ideas, since its foundation in 2004, and has participated on several occasions, individually and collectively, in exhibitions within the Open Days of the artist workshops of the Old Town of Barcelona, Tallers Oberts, organised by AFAD.

During his career he has explored a variety of creative methods, from painting to animation and finally sculpture. Living in Barcelona the sea is a present theme in his artistic reflection, and remains present in his exhibitions. Since 2014 boats have also made their appearance in his art, becoming the central pieces of his current work.

Since 2016, Tucho has participated in several exhibitions organised by Drap-Art, at the Festival in Barcelona, ​​Sitges ReciclArt and the first Drap-Art Montevideo, in Uruguay. Now he exhibits once again with Drap-Art in Barcelona, this time in March 2023 at our center of operations, the Drap-Art Gallery, with his exhibition Tucho’s Ships.

Drap-Art Market ’23

The new season of the Drap-Art Market of plaza Real has also been inaugurated. From now on you can find small artworks, decorative and designer objects, as well as fashion, accessories and crafts, every Saturday at plaza Real.

In this edition we are accompanied by some great new projects, come visit us and check them out!

You can find us at Plaza Real from 11am to 10pm, every Saturday until the end of the year.