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26 years of Drap-Art

XXVI International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia

Drap-Art’22 Al Gòtic! will be held once again in emblematic spaces of the Gothic neighborhood such as the Borsí and Villa del Arte Galleries, Plaza Real, Plaza del Rey and others to be confirmed, from November 17 to December 21, 2022. Given the increasingly urgent need to provoke a change towards a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable world, Drap-Art once again upholds art as a tool for social transformation and invites contemporary and urban artists, designers, artisans, indefinable and multifaceted creators, artivists, amateurs and creative people of all kinds, to say their own, presenting their projects to our call.

Open Call for the Festival

We invite you to participate in the call for artists of the 26th edition of the International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia, Drap-Art’22.
The call will remain open until July 15.
There is a specific form for each of the modalities. Please, read the guidelines carefully.

Complete the forms habilitated for applications in accordance with the modality that is being presented
Fill in all of the fields
Hand in the PDF even though some information might be duplicated

– The PDF should include:
Name, Surname (second surname optional)
Artist name (optional)
Date and place of birth (city or town and country)
Website or Social media (if applicable)
Motivation as an artist
Description of the artwork (up to 5 pieces)
Images of the artwork

– Biography:
The biography is for you to introduce yourself. It should not be shorter than 300 words and no longer than 600 words.

– Motivation as an artist / Declaration of intentions
Here you should express your motivation as an artist, notice that we will not consider unconstructed arguments. (for example: “because I like it” is not a valid answer)

– Description of the Artwork
This section is dedicated to the descriptive introduction of the artwork.

– Image
Mesurements in cm (height x length x width)
Year of creation
Materials used
Public sales price (including any costs such as taxes or Drap-Art’s commission) and value to be assured

– Name Images

Video files: Surname-Name-Title _of_the_art_ piece-Year of creation-Duration_in_min
Cover image (jpg): Surname-Name-Title _of_the_art_ piece-Year of creation-Duration_in_min
Imatges of artworks: Surname-Name-Title _of_the_art_ piece-Year of creation-Measurements_in_cm

NB.: If you don’t fill out all obligatory fields, you don’t upload the pdf or the photos in jpg and the texts of the biography or the declaration of intentions exceed the maximum limit the project will not to be considered.

Choose the modality corresponding to the artworks you want to present and click on it to open the form you must fill out.
Installations and big formats
Interventions in public space and urban art 
Collage, assemblage, mixed media
Performances and concerts 
Design and crafts
Workshops and Live Art

Due to the economic hardships we are currently suffering, we cannot cover the transport costs of the works or assign fixed fees for the production costs of artworks created specifically for the festival, therefore the exhibitions will be held with already produced pieces.
We defend that artists have to be payed for their work, like any professional other from other sectors, and that only when this is done, can the world of culture contribute its full transforming potential to society, so we ask you to include the production cost of your works, other than the exhibition pieces, such as installation proposals, interventions, performances, performing arts, concerts, workshops and presentations. We are doing our best to achieve the funding to produce them in case they are selected. If we do not make it in this edition, we will have to postpone the programming of your project until we get the necessary budget, and we will reserve you a space for the programming of your piece in a future edition.