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25 years of Drap-Art

XXV International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalunya


The International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia celebrates its 25th edition with a very special program, including pioneers of sustainable contemporary art and leading figures of original urban art, as well as a large selection of emerging artists and projects.

Drap-Art’21 will be held from November 18 to December 21, 2021 in various exhibition spaces in emblematic buildings, creating a cultural circuit in the Gothic Quarter, turning it into a meeting point between artists, art lovers and new audiences, and collaborating in the sustainable and intercultural urban transformation of the center of Barcelona.

Drap-Art aims to raise awareness and educate audiences, to promote sustainability through art as well as artists and their creations within this field of contemporary and urban art, architecture, design and crafts.

In times of global crisis like the one happening today it is more important than ever to realize that culture and art are an intrinsic part of ourselves. In times of uncertainty they are tools used for reflection, for the creative analysis of our situation and to find new ways.

Drap-Art has grown and has been enriched by the participation of Fousion Gallery, Reial Cercle Artístic, Villa del Arte Galleries, Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya and Sala Perill, and also the Faculty of Fine Arts from Barcelona University. It is encouraging to see how many artists, collectives and organizers Drap-Art agglutinate around the world, showing a new path.

19/12/20 DRAP ART 20. Plaça Real. D´Individual a Col-lectiu. Barcelona

Action art by Nathalie Rey in the D’Individual al col·lectiu project



The 25th anniversary of the Drap-Art Festival will be celebrated with exceptional exhibitions curated by critics, theorists and curators specialized in the fields of urban and contemporary art, inviting pioneers of environmental art such as Michelangelo Pistoletto with his Third Paradise project, promoted by the Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation and HA Schult with a historical work of art Biokinetic Landscape (1973) and an installation in the public space.


Two pioneers in environmental art at the 25 years edition of Drap-Art Festival

Pistoletto, a great exponent of Arte Povera, with the Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation, joins this edition. Rebirth Day, celebrated worldwide on December 21, is an event that the artist organizes in different places within the framework of his Third Paradise project. His projection is a socially sustainable future, where human beings live in harmony with their environment.

The ego must converge beyond the contrast between technology and nature to start a new society based on responsibility and situated in the balance between the artificial and the natural, using art and technology to claim the need to stop abuse towards our planet. Drap-Art joins the ambassador of the Third Paradise in Barcelona, the curator and artist Savina Tarsitano, co-founder of Espronceda Center for Art & Culture, with the celebration of several events co-curated with Saverio Teruzzi, coordinator of the Third Paradise ambassadors worldwide.

The festival will feature HA Schult (1939, Parchim, Germany). A collaborator of the festival for many years, he brought his most emblematic work to Barcelona in 2007, when his Trash People army invaded Plaza Real to warn of climate change and raise awareness about the importance of recycling and conserving the environment.

In this edition, HA Schult will carry out an intervention in a public space in the Gothic Quarter. In addition, an emblematic work, Kinetik Landscape, 1973, a mixed technique, from the Picture Box series, which incorporates toys, little bottles, briefcases, miniature toy cars, tennis rackets, cardboard, candy wrappers, evidencing the fragile ecological balance, will be on show in the curated exhibition and is the chosen image of the Call for Artists Drap-Art’21.

Michelangelo Pistoletto drawing the symbol of Third Paradise

“Art is freedom, commitment and responsibility”

Michelangelo Pistoletto


An exhibition in memory recalling the most pictorial work of Rafael Bertolozzi and Bigas Luna.


Tightly related among them and with art history, now have become historical, Bigas Luna, Rafael Bartolozzi and Francesco Volsi found at Baix Gaià the locus amoenus that Romans discovered centuries ago. The three artists practiced –and Volsi still does practice– in the Glocal strategy, that goes com global, following international artistic movements such as Arte Povera and Pop Art, to local. Their roots with the land are essential in these artists, same as the concept of the object trouvée, values that match perfectly with the philosophy of Drap-Art. The edition of 2021 of the festival will have the artworks by these three brilliant artists, internationally renewed.

Call for artists Drap-Art’21

This year Drap-Art’21 Al Gòtic! International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we would love to celebrate it with you! Participate in our call for artists!

New deadline for submission
Presentation of projects until September 20, 2021



in urban art and contemporary art and its old masters

In this edition, the selection of artists for the Drap-Art’21 curated exhibition focuses on the search for the origin of the concept of sustainability in contemporary and urban art.

For this very special edition, international and specific curators and art critics from innovative or influential contemporary art fields, such as Graffiti and urban art, have been invited to co-curate the exhibition at the Reial Cercle Artístic.

Works by international “old masters” of Graffiti and representatives of current urban art will be presented, who have developed, due to the cadence and nature of art, the artistic potential of used materials.

The conceptual reflection of the times on contemporary human development and the reuse of the waste of modern life as a sustainable resource, consciously or unconsciously.

In Europe, Graffiti has started to settle for about 30 years, and its influence on the reuse of materials and its use of urban space does not leave the world of art or its valuation indifferent.

The exhibitions in the Reial Cercle Artistic will be curated by Joan Abelló, Tanja Grass, Jasmin Waschl, Robert Kaltenhäuser and Betty Bigas and at Villa del Arte Galleries by Bert van Zetten. The exhibition of the artworks selected from the open call will be located at the Borsí. The Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya will showcase design and crafts. Furthermore, the curators Savina Tarsitano and Saverio Teruzzi will be responsible for the Rebirth Day, co-organized with Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation.

A selection of urban art and installations will be presented with old masters such as Richard Hambleton (Shadowman), SheOne and representatives or references of the local and international current scene such as Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and Alberto de Blobs, among others. In addition, a large selection and installations of contemporary art are presented that include artists such as Juan Carlos Batista, Miquel Aparici, Lukas Ulmi, Gabriel Raventós, Sibylle Jazra, Anton Unai, Edgar Massegú, Mayte Vieta and many more.


How has the movement evolved?
What are the challenges today?

Installation by Carles Gispert at Drap-Art’09

“It seems like yesterday when we set up the 1000 m2 tent in front of the CCCB in 1996, in the open field where the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Barcelona was later built. More than 100 artists worked non-stop for 24 hours with 100 m3 of garbage that we collected for them, in front of the 10,000 visitors who passed through the event, accompanied by DJs, VJs, performances and spontaneous artistic actions” comments Tanja Grass, founder of the organization.

Since that event, in which a large number of creators from very diverse disciplines met for the first time, from contemporary artists, performers, actors, designers, handcrafters, stylists and amateurs, Drap-Art has fostered and contributed to promoting in Barcelona, a global movement that also includes Art Brut and Folk art and has more and more prominent and world-renowned contemporary representatives, such as El Anatsui or Tim Noble & Sue Webster, among many others.

This movement crosses the borders of art to encompass other fields such as sustainable architecture with representatives like Santiago Cirujeda or sustainable fashion with activists like Vivian Westwood. The common denominator in all of them is to show the invisible, to value what nobody wants, to find treasures in the trash.

This spirit will be reflected in the commemorative book, which will be published for the occasion, with a selection of photographs by Consuelo Bautista (Visual Art Award winner of the City of Barcelona 2007), who has documented the festival all these years with her photographs.


Joan Abelló

Independent art historian, curator and critic. European Doctor of Humanities (UPF), director of the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona and director of the Catalunya Africa Institute.

Tanja Grass

Graduated in German, English and Hispanic Philology, certified translator and interpreter. Founder and director of Drap-Art, she has helped spread the global movement of sustainable art created with reused materials. She is a cultural manager and curator of exhibitions.

Betty Bigas

Betty Bigas is a multidisciplinary artist and Catalan art curator, founder of the Roll Up Gallery of Public Works San Francisco, she has organized art exhibitions and events in institutions such as Nightlife LIVE in California Academy of Sciences. She is currently a curator for the online gallery Daylighted and an indepenant art consultant for start-ups like Kreoz for Apple TV.

Jasmin Waschl

Founder and director of Fousion Gallery, specialized in pop and contemporary surrealism and urban art such as abstract graffiti. Jasmin Waschl has training and experience in architecture and interior design, furniture and communication. She is curator and independent art consultant of Drap-Art.

Robert Kaltenhäuser

Exhibition curator and independent critic of unauthorized art. Expert in urban art and contemporary urban art. Organizer of exhibitions and events such as Critical Mess – Inbetween Graffiti and contemporary art in Essen or Beyond Streetart in Düsseldorf. He has multiple publications on contemporary art and urban art.

Bert van Zetten

Director and founding partner, together with Marcel and Jutta Huisman, of Villa del Arte Galleries, an initiative that has three galleries in Barcelona and one in Amsterdam.

Savina Tarsitano

Savina Tarsitano is a visual artist, curator, artistic director and co-founder of Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture, ambassador of the Third Paradise. She has curated several international projects across the world in the last ten years.

Saverio Teruzzi

Coordinator of the Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation of the ambassadors of the Third Paradise all over the world.

Exhibition spaces

Reial Cercle Artístic

C. dels Arcs 5
Exhibition of contemporary and urban sustainable art

Villa del Arte Galleries

C. de la Palla 10
Exhibition of contemporary sustainable art

El Borsí

Plaça de la Verònica 2 con c. Avinyó 23
Exhibition of emergent art from the annual call for artists

Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya

C. Banys Nous, 11
Exhibition of design and crafts from the annual call for artists

Sala Perill

C. Avinyó 46
Exhibition Drap-Art “Islands” with artists from the Balearic Islands.



With the intention of promoting the most emerging art, Drap-Art signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Barcelona to include in its festival a special call for students from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. This year they will carry out performances, artistic actions and co-creations under the motto of Public vs. Private, Reflections around Space, at Plaza del Rey during the festival, wanting to show how this relationship has changed during the pandemic.

The aim of this collaboration is to facilitate the entry into the world of art for new generations of Catalan artists. The project, tutored by Eulàlia Grau, Toni Asensio, Joan Miquel Porquer, Jasmina Llobet and Anaïs Civit, will also include panels on art and sustainability within the framework of the Research Days on Service-Learning (ApS) and community pedagogy in art.


Drap-Art begins a very special collaboration with Tramontana Magazine, a free, high-quality cultural dissemination publication with international distribution by Montana Colors.

This brand specialized in spray paint (also with water-soluble ecological sprays), has been supporting urban art and graffiti since 1994 in Barcelona and the rest of the world. In Barcelona and around the world. Among the many actions they offer support to are several sustainable urban art projects.

Drap-Art receives the support of:

Generalitat de Catalunya
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Associació d’Amics i Comerciants de la Plaça Reial
Universitat de Barcelona
Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona
Artesania de Catalunya
N2 Gallery
Villa del Arte Galleries
Fousion Gallery
Espronceda Center for Art & Culture
Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation
Casa degli Italiani
Montana Colors
Tramontana Magazine

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