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A project by: Drap-Art, Yotuba Underwater Experience, Espai d’Inclusió i Formació Casc Antic Eica and the artist Tono Carbajo. With the support of: Art for Change of “Fundació la Caixa”

“Mar de Fuga, Mar de Cura” proposes a work process with young people between 14 and 19 years old, who have started a migratory process without an adult reference; approaching them again to the Mediterranean Sea through a space of creativity and freedom, where to express and channel emotions, feelings and dreams, where to exchange and share ideas, cultural values, enhance the acquisition of self-knowledge and knowledge of the other. A space for reflection on themselves through their own creations. Through participatory artistic and sports activities that promote awareness and individual and collective action on recycling and promoting the sustainability of the Mediterranean, the project aims to change their attitude towards their own problems due to the migratory process in which they find themselves.

Starting points:
Spain has become one of the 4 European countries with the highest immigrant population rate, in which the presence of African minors who have initiated a migratory process without adults is notable. It is an extremely vulnerable group and the reality with which they find themselves creates a great frustration, due to the strong breaking of expectations. The Mediterranean, the largest inland sea in the world with approximately 2.5 million square kilometers, also reaches the highest pollution rates, especially hydrocarbons discharged by the chemical industries located along its coasts. 80% of garbage at sea is plastic.

Photo: Tono Carbajo

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