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Sitges ReciclArt is an event dedicated to raising environmental awareness from the perspective of art, it is organized by Drap-Art and the Sitges City Council, in collaboration with the Barcelona Provincial Council. The objective is to make visible the work of artists who develop concepts such as ecology and climate change in their works, giving rise to a reflection on the role of art in social transformation towards a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world. Through the eyes of the artists, it highlights the large amount of waste generated by current consumption habits and encourages people to consume more responsibly and to use their creativity to achieve it. The festival proposes a creative and artistic use for the materials that are rejected every day, using them as a resource, promoting creative recycling and more responsible consumption.

Its artistic interest lies in offering a platform that gives visibility to the emergent sector of environmental artists. It promotes the exchange between artists who already have a prominent career in this field with emerging artists, contributing to their professionalization and the promotion of a new cultural and green economy. It brings ecological art closer to the general public and new generations, through workshops and other complementary activities.

Sitges ReciclArt was created in 2016 by SAGA association of Sitges art galleries, which that year wanted to dedicate the Art Weekend to the art of recycling and invited Drap-Art to participate in working on the contents of the event, which was called Sitges RecycleArt. Drap-Art invited other organisations to become part of the project: the Posidonia Green Festival, the Center for Sea Studies and the Sitges City Council, Department of Culture.

An organizing commission was created, made up of representatives of all involved organisations, and the festival was held at the Miramar Cultural Center with a collective exhibition, creative recycling workshops, conferences, cinema, shows, performances, and a recycled art, design, and crafts fair. In 2017 Saga decided to continue organising the Art Weekend with another theme, but not with ReciclArt, instead artAmore Sitges joined the project.

The 2018 and 2019 editions were also held at the Miramar Cultural Center with an exhibition, workshops and  artistic community projects.

In 2020, Sitges ReciclArt reaches its fifth edition and, due to COVID 19, it changes its dates to November-December, its location, to Can Falç de Mar, and to a reduced format, only as an exhibition. In 2021, it is repeated on the same dates, at the same place and with the same format.

In 2022, the Culture Department of the Sitges City Hall and Drap-Art decide that in its seventh edition Sitges ReciclArt will return to the spring-summer festival format, now as a Biennial that will be prepared in good time and will have its kick-off in May-June 2023.


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