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Weekly raffle at Drap-Art Market

Every week you can win a handmade and upcycled designer object or crafts piece donated by the participating artists of the Drap-Art Market of Plaça Reial, in a weekly raffle. The first prize we raffled was a purse made by Producciones Pikulinas and the winner was the number 21. He/she can pass by the market today and collect his/her prize at the stall of the artists that donated the piece, in this case Toty and Sebas from Producciones Pikulinas.

Last week we raffled a ring made out of a fork by Omar and Vela from Forquillart and the winner was the number 141. Now you can win a head-band created by Pilar from Zebraba.

Participate, meet the artists and collect your prizes!!