Open call Drap-Art’19, Festival of Sustainable Art

Open call Drap-Art’19, Festival of Sustainable Art

Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia
Maritime Museum of Barcelona
Collective exhibition October 24 to November 24 2019

Presentation of projects from:
June 1 to September 1 2019

Contribute with your work to reflect and educate the public about the worrying pollution of seas and oceans, immigration at maritime borders, the disastrous effects of single-use plastics, the need to reduce the generation of waste, encourage the reuse of resources or propose solutions to build a more sustainable world for the next generations.

You can submit 1 or several projects in the following modalities:
• Interventions in public space
• Installations
• Collage
• Photography
• Workshops
• Performances
• Shows
• Concerts
• Conferences

Send us your projects from June 1 to September 1, 2019 in a pdf of no more than 4Mb in weight to:

With the following information:
• Concise Biography (500 characters maximum)
• Statement of intent (why do you do what you do)
• In the case of the first 4 modalities:
Title, measurements, year of creation, technique and materials used in each work, public sales price and insurance value, description of the work, 1 or more photos of the work or works presented (150dpi), and 4 or more photos of reference of other works.
• In the case of performances, shows, concerts: description of the activity, including duration, technical needs and a video of the complete work or a trailer.
• For conferences: a synopsis of the proposed presentation, needs (projector, laptop, translator) On September 10 you will receive an email with the projects selected in this edition.

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