Sea cleaning + Art

Up to 10.5 million tons of waste enter our seas each year, of which 85% is plastic.

Because we are concerned about this issue, we have joined with the Youtuba association to clean the beach and seabed on the Barcelona coast. An activity where divers, paddleboarders and people on land will make a human chain to remove the waste from the seabed and the sand on the beach.

What do we do with the found material?
1. Cataloging of the found marine litter;
These catalogs allow a greater concretion of what type of waste affects each coastal area, in addition to the volume and how it affects the marine flora and fauna.

2. Education and dissemination through art.
With part of the found material;
– We hold creative recycling workshops for all publics to raise awareness.
– Artists generate their works with the found materials.

3. The unused waste is selected and differentiated for its correct recycling.