International exhibitions

Drap-Art invites you to enjoy art with environmental awareness, if you want to organize an exhibition with us, write to:

Since 1998 we have exhibited in more than 15 countries: Spain, the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, China, Montenegro, Germany, Italy, France, Israel and Hungary among others, promoting the work of more than 1500 artists from around the world.

With the objective of:

– Promoting Catalonian and Spanish artists and the city of Barcelona in the international art scene.
– Promoting art made from waste materials, using creative recycling as a tool to support the transformation in art, the environment and society.
– Promoting a global network of diffusion of artists and entrepreneurs who use the concept of the 3R: reduce, reuse and recycle.
– Incorporating the fundamental issues of sustainable development into art teaching and learning, such as climate change, sustainable consumption, reuse and prevention of waste through participatory methods aimed at differentiated audiences, providing them with autonomy, in order to change their behavior and facilitate the adoption of measures in favor of sustainable development.
– Giving an opportunity to the works of artists who reuse discarded materials, preventing them from ending up in the trash and fostering a new green and circular creative economy.